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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Spanish Yamato

Santiago Mata from Majadahonda, Spain brings us this dimunitive Yamato

Details are still coming in on this Yamato. So far, we know she is 1/350 scale, from the Tamiya plastic model kit. She is the first such Yamato in the International Yamato Owners Association!

She is also the first Yamato to emerge from Spain!

Not many pictures yet either, but we do know she is for sale for a very nice price. If you are interested, you may contact Mr. Mata through his YOUTUBE account. His username is CENTROEUROPA. Of course, the video of his Yamato can be found on our videos page.

Personally, I would rather Santiago keep his Yamato in Spain so there can always be a Spanish member of the IYOA. Good work Santiago!

(written by Barrett Hochhaus)

Owned by: Santiago Mata. Majadahonda, Spain
Built: ?
Length: 29 inches

Width: ?

Home waters: In and around Majadahonda, Spain

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